What is a Blog?

A Blog is a page that is updated regularly and written using creative style for a purpose.


Video from YouTube “What is a Blog”


Beginner Bloggers

The best tips for individuals that are starting to blog are founded on Top Ten Tips which contains in-depth information.

Online blogging for starters can help interaction in communities and society. Everyone can have meaningful blog post that people can relate to.

Helpful Tips

  1. Define Your Goals
  2. Know Your Audience
  3. Be Consistent
  4. Be Persistent
  5. Be Inviting
  6. Be Visible
  7. Take Risks
  8. Ask for Help
  9. Keep Learning
  10. Be Yourself

Curation will cure your non profit blog

Breakdown of curation is the process of  presenting information in a meaningful and organized way focusing on a purpose.

Detailed information is provided at “curation”“curation”

People share experiences, knowledge, advice, news of current and past events.  People that blog for non profits draw many viewers.

Information that is stated on blogs should be curation, to get the viewers attention.  Helpful information how non profit blogs were successful can be founded on Non Profit Blogs

Curation photo

Successful Blogging

16 ways to make a blog post better Make Blogs a Success.

Format on blogs post must be correct and short sentence is a must. People do not read entire paragraphs on blog posts.

Headers and sub headers help readers follow along and understand information that is being provided.

Capital letters, font size and type can get the attention of readers with visual methods. Things that catch the eye tend to get viewed by the readers.

Successful Blogging



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