Health promotion on social media sites is the new way of sharing information and finding solutions for health issues.

Health organizations communicate with individuals using the internet and Facebook provides the features on a platform to get viewers attention. Below is a list of things health organizations post on social media sites.

  • Surveys about current health issues related to obesity, cancer and sexual diseases
  • Tips to eat healthy
  • Schedule doctor checkups through the year
  • Charts that show evidence of medical improvements
  • Caregivers ( doctors, nurses, etc) may post helpful information
  • Answer questions people may have daily

The information regarding benefits of health promotion on Facebook can be founded on Health Care.

People using Facebook can connect with peers using videos, sharing information and written status about anything. Health organizations have a purpose for their page and a target audience .

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Interaction is important to health organizations using Facebook, to promote health through communication among users. People are more likely to listen to someone that had a similar issue. Health concerns about the flu may have people worried and health organization may post tips to solve the issue. Social media supplies users with instant information and communication among peers, caregivers and etc.

The different types of health organizations and their individual goals can be founded on Health & Social Media.

This image shows the impact social media had in 2015 on Giving Tuesday.


Facebook has impacted the health field and people are using it to get helpful information. Social Media Video  has evidence that people are using Facebook for medical concerns.


Facebook allows health organizations to promote awareness of deadly diseases and conditions users may get or have currently.

Cancer is one deadly condition that men and women have in common. Health organizations  get people motivated and brave to battle against cancer.

Healthy methods are provided for people to fight their condition.  Caregivers will post information regarding breast, prostate, lung and other forms of cancer on Facebook.

Cancer Awareness explains how healthful tips are posted on Facebook and other social media sites for viewers.

Facebook provides organizations with a platform to reach users, helps with prevention methods and the sharing of information to millions of people.

The image shows the impact Facebook and other media outlets have on users.


Yoke has evidence that suggest health organizations to use Facebook to achieve goals.

Facebook can be used to donate money for surgery or someones medical cost to be paid. Non-profit organizations benefit a lot from using Facebook to get users attention.

Nonprofit organizations use Facebook to reach achievements that focus on a topic. New Tools includes the type of goals organizations have and the focus of each campaign.

The amount of help people get around the world is wonderful. Citizens of the world receive shoes,clothes, houses, cars and better health care through health organizations. Their promotion on Facebook made it easier for people to give aid and donate with a click of an button or sending gifts to address.

People sharing information and making donations worldwide through Facebook has a positive impact. People interactions on the internet has made communication better and health awareness a interesting topic for social media. Facebook gives health organizations the key to influence users and the tools to get the duties done.

Facebook has an important role on the internet that provides the needs of health organizations and users.

The video below gives reasons why health organizations need Facebook. Health Org. Video







5 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. Chess,

    I loved the theme and outline of your blog. The first thing that caught my eye was all of the great photos you used. They were so colorful and attention grabbing. Another thing is you incorporated the videos into your blog very well, especially the healthcare social media evolution video.

    It was good that you incorporated our readings, as well as outside information and readings in your blogs. I believed cancer is a major thing to have a Facebook page about. Especially now since the rate of cancer is increasing every day. More and more people will want information or support, and Facebook is a great way of receiving both.

    I can’t wait to read more of your blogs. Great job!


  2. Chess, your blog looks awesome! Your facebook header is bold and catching especially with the shadow in front of the Facebook background. You did a good job reviewing how Facebook can be used to raise awareness and you specified the Cancer awareness organization and how they utilize Facebook. Your hyperlinks were important and also helped include the readings. Maybe go into more detail on how Facebook can be used from an outsider or patient but other than that everything looks and sounds great!

  3. Love both your blogs, I think your super creative and very good at formatting your separate pieces of information, you know how to engage the reader throughout your blogs. I especially love the charts you include in your blogs and how you explain them making them making it simple and really easy to understand. I also thought I didn’t like the size font you used but I’m really considering using your formatting techniques a long with the different pieces of outside information, you did a really good job, nice!

  4. I really like your videos and pictures, it makes it a lot more interactive and keeps the readers attention. I would just add a little more personality to the blog- maybe a catchy title or a slogan at the end? You made some great points, I really liked how you went into detail about cancer awareness. Some things to think about may be some more bullets for an easier flow- but other than that great info and graphics!

  5. Chess,

    Your blog looks awesome man; the heading is catchy and good use of the images. You provided a lot of information, and I can’t wait to read more of your work.


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