#Dancing into Twitter Healthcare


Twitter provides users with instant connection with friends, family members, organizations,current events, businesses and celebrities.

No one walks into a room blind folded and no drives a car without proper training. Twitter provides users with information to post successfully.

Twitter Tips 

  1. Keep Post short
  2. Manage self promotion and conservation
  3. Tweet in the afternoon
  4. Focus on your passion

The remaining twitter tips can be founded on  Best Practices, which explains the importance of each method. Practice makes prefect; Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez have to practice dance routines to preform well on stage. 

Dabbing in Health Organizations


Twitter can provide health organizations with the following:

  1. Broader Communication
  2. Shareable Knowledge
  3. Relationship development
  4. Network growth
  5. Visibility

The video Twitter in Health explains the benefits health organizations and individuals receive from using twitter.

Having a purpose for tweeting can benefit health organizations purpose and gain viewers attention.

Health organization using the 4 Ps will be successful on twitter and Health Works gives further details of the impact.

PrepareHealth organization should understand formats and hashtags users are using related to topics.

Plan: Knowing goals will make decisions understandable, choose issues to focus on. 

Promote: Make it easy for supporters and followers to promote chats through via networks.

Publish: Acknowledge the key factors and resources related to tweets. 

23 (Rather Marvellous) Twitter Best Practices [INFOGRAPHIC]

Health Organizations are viewed as eggs ready to hatch in Twitters nest.

Do you remember as a child you wanted to share toys, candy, stories and make new friends. Twitter is similar to your childhood, providing health organizations with methods of sharing information and making connections with others.

Twitter has created Periscope to help people interact worldwide through live video. The link Periscope has additional information for viewers and health organizations.

Click on How to use Periscope video.

Periscope Kick Start: 

  1. Create anticipation
  2. Be real
  3. Be responsive
  4. Make the most of your content
  5. Evaluate and optimize

  6. Choose the right content


The graph above provides nonprofit health organizations with the best methods of gaining audience attention on twitter.


The video Nonprofits shows how account name and hashtags can result in success on twitter. 

Nonprofits best practices provides 10 methods on how to gain support and raise money for a cause.

Would you fight for a cause without addition information? Would you donate without knowing where your money. clothes, shoes and etc. is going?

No one walks onto a dance floor, without knowing how to dance. Profit and nonprofit health organization want to explain information before providing it to viewers and other media outlets.

Below are photos of content to help nonprofits provide information:

This graph show the importance of proper punctuation, and  format for tweets.


The image above shows how retweeting others content, can benefit your health organization.



Here is an example of a tweet, that can be tweetable among users



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