Capture and Share Health with Instagram

Have you noticed the latest trend of people taking multiple photos? I have and the world has too by making the transition to social media. Capture every moment and past memory with photos involving health or individual life.  Health organizations spread  awareness  with graphic pictures and captions that get viewers attention on current issues.

Instagram is brilliant? 

Video sharing, networking and picture sharing can be public or private on the social media platform.  Users can post instant photos, videos and make connections using the Instagram app on cell phones.

Do you get angry or upset when videos cut off while individuals were talking or doing something? What is Instagram? explains to users that videos are limited to 15-seconds. Detail information on how to use filters to enhance picture quality, how to search for key words and make connections are explained in the video.

5 reasons hospitals should use Instagram?

  1. Take pictures of employees and board members: users like to see pictures of staff to feel comfortable and get a sense of loyalty before visits.
  2.  Share a sneak peek photo:  Rewarding followers allows them to receive new information first on ads, new products, buildings or events.
  3. Behind the scenes shots: Hospital can provide updated information minute by minute to inform users on social media. Topics can be focus on cancer, sexual disease and disabilities.
  4. Photos that embody the life style your brand represents: Inspirational photos and health suggestions should inspire users to live healthy.
  5. Comical or creative displays of a product or services: Make product fun and exciting for followers to enjoy. A healthy lifestyle should be an excellent experience.

New York-Presbyterian Hospital  Instagram account takes advantage of the 5 tips provided by 5 Cool Tips for Hospitals

Should Nonprofits use Instagram?

The features on Instagram allows nonprofits to start fundraising and promote health awareness using pictures and videos. 

Instagram can provide nonprofits with Tips for Fundraising , while lacking features for donor pages.

  1.  Nonprofits must promote content on the website to get users attention.
  2. Promote text-give-campaigns to raise money for a cause related to animal or human health.
  3. Hashtag fundraising campaign can be used
  4. Promote fundraising event in local communities to get people involved.
  5. Offer promotional discounts
  6. Thank donors for helping

Instagram Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations video provides information on how to be successful, make connections  and raise money as a nonprofit.

Water Charity Campaign video shows actions people took to help those in need.

Looking at the picture above which glass of water would you drink? Charity Water  is a nonprofit organization that is successful on Instagram using promotion and fundraising to provide drinkable water worldwide.

Advertise your Company on Instagram!

Instagram has over 100 million people taking or sharing pictures and businesses are creating approaches to get users attention.

Business on Instagram  provides companies with tips to increase earnings and focus on specific goals on social media.

Firefighters do not run into burning houses or buildings without proper equipment. Businesses should not create Instagram accounts, with out knowing the following information.

  1. Businesses should like, comment and  share photos of users and different companies
  2.  Business should have pictures of employees, coworker lunches and celebrations throughout the year on Instagram. Showing that work can be fun can help businesses with promotion.
  3. Businesses should use videos during events for promotional use
  4. Hashtags, mentions and videos can be used for trends on social media
  5. Follow other companies to get ideas on what will work for your business and promotion ad.


PETA is one of many businesses that used Instagram for promotion and  interaction with followers about healthy eating. Top Vegan Instagram Accounts provides users with varies types of food, that can improve healthy life style choices.

Health Promotion is trending on social media.

Join my fight with The Achievement Centers for Children & Families (ACCF) Nonprofit  Ogranization!













































2 thoughts on “Capture and Share Health with Instagram

  1. Very informational post it is set up very professionally- looks so good! your images are excellent quality. I also like how many examples you used and all of your hyperlinks. Maybe try adding some of your own personality but other than that this is example worthy!

  2. Love everything about this blog, I’m a big fan of Instagram and I love that you added so many different examples of how businesses and organizations can benefit from having there own account. This was very easy to read, simple, and very interesting, awesome job!

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