Social Media Strategies


Tips for Managing Social Media In The Workplace

Who are the targets? Why use social media?What’s the purpose of the content? Those are the questions, I ask when companies post misleading or inaccuracy  information on social media. Companies that tends to have plans and outlines accomplish goals using social media platforms.

Training Employees to use Strategies

  1. Create a Social Media policy: Board members need to be aware of new developments on current social media platforms and the improvements to public sharing. Companies should inform employees on what material is allowed and not allowed to be posted on social media.  

Facebook has made improvements to Liking & Sharing interfaces, that allows users to use icons to express emotions and opinions on post.Like Button video shows how the new features on Facebook are used. Knowing about this new development, will help companies or organizations receive feedback from post, without written responses.


2. Educate Employees about social media: Seminars or meetings about social media should be done at workplaces.  The focus should be on teaching workers how to provide professional content to viewers. Employees can express their personality in the content, but not their personal opinions. Staff members should be notified when negative feedback, is put out on social media about the company or employees.

3. Monitor Social Media use: Be aware of misconduct on social media and discuss issues in meetings with employees. Policy issues should be talked about when conflicts develop and suddenly occurs.

Why Most Social Media Strategies Fail?

Absence of Values: Business must create a list to follow to be effective on social media. Everything that is apart of social media policy must result in success for the company. Not focusing on missions, goals and audiences creates problems for businesses using social media platforms. 

No Consistency: The quality of information needs to be the same, to inform followers about the content being given.  A time table to post or share information to the public should be done between 1pm and midnight.  A calendar could be used to determine the different content being discussed  weekly or monthly. 

 Please Listen!

  1.  Do not post information that is not relevant to the business
  2. Do not express bad feelings or start arguments on social media
  3.  Do not make disrespectful comments about individuals or businesses on social media
  4. Do not share or post multiple information that floods followers news feed. 
  5. Do not claim content from others as yours
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Successful Strategies

Misleading or non relevant information causes issues for followers and businesses. I would feel less comfortable on a airplane, if I was notified that the pilot had no flight experience. It is important that content is effective and focus on the message businesses want to inform followers with. 

Social Media Strategy in 8 Steps  provides businesses with methods on how to succeed using social media. 

Helpful Strategy Tips!

  1. Have A Voice:  Everything that is posted and shared from your business should sound like it.  I would not buy from Sharpie if it used words or quotes similar to BIC .
  2. Time Information: Create content that focus on seasons and months to help deliver messages. During December post about Christmas and October post about breast cancer

    Breast Cancer Facebook
  3. Know Your Followers: Make sure your business offer users needs and wants. American Cancer Society  is one organization that has successfully provided followers with informal information. 
  4. CcfNz3RW4AAbJ2yCreate Success with a Strategy: Solve Problems & Be True to followers on social media

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One thought on “Social Media Strategies

  1. Great post! I really like the way you formatted your blog. I think it is a great idea to have all of the titles be hyperlink for readers to find out more. I also like how you put a picture under each tip to reinforce what you were saying. The section on why some social media marketing strategies fail was a nice addition. Can’t wait to read more!

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