Evaluate your Health Organization on Social Media

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Social Media platforms allows your health organization and many more to succeed using features. Review what your users are liking and disliking about your organization. Be aware of new developments and trending topics or words on Social Media.

My five personal tips how your health organization can benefit are supported by Evaluation  .

5 Personal Tips 

  1. Review followers opinions on topics!
  2. Do not waste time!
  3. Know the trends on social media!
  4. Your health organization should be known!
  5. Avoid being a stranger on social media!

Social Media and Content Marketing   provides your health organization with the latest trends and information about new features being added to social media platforms.

Grab the bull by the horns!

Your health organization should take advantage of Twitters newest feature, to track reviews on social media daily.  Twitter is now allowing all users and companies to track their analytic dashboard, which shares users thoughts about tweets.

Third party apps like TOPSY allows users to know, which keywords were tweeted the most.


LinkedIn   will allow your health organization to grow and achieve goals. Health organizations are able to review post reach, engagement, followers comments. 

Visual Age  states videos are the new method of communication in society.  Your health organization can use videos, spread inform content on social media. 



image from Social Media


Keep in Mind! 

Your health organization should use tactics to be effective on social media.

Best Social Media Metrics  focuses on conversation, amplification, applause, economic value. Those four  areas can help evaluate the impact your health organization have on social media.

Evaluation Checklist

  1. Evaluate the organization social media strategy: how will the plan make profits increase and how awareness will be spread through social media. What conditions or diseases will be discussed in each post.
  2.  Analysis: Stay focus on set goals and avoid focusing on multiple topics.  Organizations should not worry about users, if content is aliened with the plan.
  3. Know your audience:  Your followers may be people from different backgrounds, make sure content reach individuals based on age, gender, medical reasons and lifestyle. 
  4. Social Media Tools: Make sure your health organization is aware of new interfaces on social media platforms. This helps your health organization interaction with followers on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and etc.


Start Today!

image from Leadership Skills: Evaluation





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