Apply Ethics to Social Media

image from Ethical Decisions

Your health organization can have a negative or positive image on social media platforms. Teach employees about the importance of having self control and to make the right decisions during situations. Social media has controlled society for years since the mid 70’s, early & late 80’s. Prevent your health organization from having a bad image, by promoting ethical decisions on and off the job.

Read the following information below guidelines to learn how  MENTAL HEALTH PROMOTION AND SUICIDE PREVENTION used ethical decisions to accomplish goals on social media. 


  • SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY:  The first rule is to know your goal. Discuss why social media will be helpful to your health organization.  Know how to reach audience and make connections with them on social media platforms.
  • CONTENT CONSIDERATIONS: Use creditable resources that will support your health organization purpose. Review content before posting on social media platforms and have interaction with those who are interested in the content. Share links that can provide addition information to followers.
  • LANGUAGE AND IMAGES: Avoid using offensive words and pictures that may cause harm to someones mental status. Refer to individuals as humans, not as a thing or something non human. Use photos and words that helps promote your health organization message on social media.
  • BUILDING ONLINE ENGAGEMENT: Allow followers and other users on social media platforms to interact with your health organization online.  Use images, videos and plan events to allow people to conversant with each other and with members of your health organization.
  • PRIVACY AND SAFETY CONCERNS: Share information professional without using individuals personal information. Use examples that are related to your health topic, that followers can gave knowledge about.  Have a policy that provides methods to safety post and share information on social media platforms. Safety concerns must prevent harm to followers and your health organization employees.
  • ADDRESSING RELATED POSTS BY OTHERS: Your health organization should be aware of trends on social media platforms. Respond to followers/users that post content that is related to the message of your health organization. Interaction with people on social media, can solve issues that was once difficult to do.


Avoid being that person!

Many companies and health organizations had employees that made unethical decisions in public that surfaced on social media.  I will provide your health organization with results, that will influence the decision to make ethics apart of company policy. 

The most recent unethical event that happen in recent news was the Miami doctor, that was seen on every social media platform.

The video Drunk Girl Tries To Hijack An Uber and Destroys His Car shows how bad decision making can have an impact on the employee life and the company or organization image in society.

Video from Mashable

Avoid posting images that may be racists or offensive to different diversities. Your health organizations can lose credibly, if posts are harmful and unethical to followers/ users on social media platforms.

MAC Cosmetic is one company that posted an photo on Instagram, that received negative and positive feed back from social media users.

The photo below was posted on MAC Cosmetic’s Instagram account during a show at New York Fashion Week. People felt offended, since the female model was black and wearing MAC lipstick.  Users on social media posted racists comments about black women and the company did nothing to stop or prevent it from starting.


Women from different diversities fought against the racist comments, by supporting the image posted on MAC Cosmetic’s Instagram account.


Learn how ethics can help your health organization be different and prevent trending issues on social media.

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One thought on “Apply Ethics to Social Media

  1. Chess,

    In your blog I like how you incorporated employees into bringing ethics for your health organization. This is a great idea considering that employees are representatives of your company. The guidelines you created are well organized and were completely thought through ideas. It was nice to see examples on what not to do such as the doctor and Uber driver. I would encourage you to add more images throughout your blog. Overall, your blog was great to read!

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