Can Social Media Control Life?

image from Healthy Place

Social media has influenced society on how to eat, sleep, dress, workout, think and do basic activities in daily life. Before asking friends and family members for opinions some people try to find acceptance from social media platforms. I will provide health organizations and individuals with detail information about the dangers of social media.

Medical News Today research evidence suggested that 51% of social media users believe Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms influenced behavior.

Read more about the information below to know the affects social media has on adults, teenagers and children.

  1. Social media becoming addictive:  63% of people in America log on Facebook daily to view, post and share content. 40% of users log on more than 2-3 times daily, for relief and to stop boredom.  Likes and comments on content that users post, makes it harder to solve the addiction of social media.
  2. Compare our lives to others: The content posted on social media platforms gives users an idealized version of others lives. Some users might have a horrible day or feel worthless and viewing others content may suggest their life is better. Over half of social media users said their confidence and self esteem decreased after comparing daily life to others.
  3. Social media makes us restless: 66% of social media users has admitted that relaxing is difficult without social media accounts.
  4. Social media gives rise to cyber bullying:  Teenagers that are users on social media are targets. 95%  of teenagers has witnessed cyber bullying online and 33% of teenagers on social media were victims of cyber bullying.
  5. Social media glamorizes drug and alcohol use: Teenagers that log on social media platforms are five times more likely to use tobacco, three times more likely to consume alcohol, and twice as likely to smoke marijuana.

Although social media has many negatives that can cause problems for overall well-being, it also has positive impacts that can help health organizations and individuals with mental health issues.

image from Social Media Addiction

Click here to read more about the positive impacts social media has on mental health.

  • Solution to social isolation: Social media allows users to communicate with others to interact. This option allows people with mental health issues, to express themselves without worrying about others thoughts. Self expression is key for some people to solve mental health conflicts.
  • Healthy lifestyle choices: Social media can be used to help people make healthy decisions. Motivational content can stop individuals from doing drugs, and drinking alcohol. Individuals that want to lose weight can be motivated to attend a gym or get a personal trainer to get fit.
  • Social support and interventions: People that are at risk for suicide and suffering from mental health issues can receive help on social media.  Reach Out provides youth with podcasts, chat room,  resources and videos to assist mental health. People can share experiences with others on social media, to help those that are having similar mental health as theirs.
  • Strengthen relationships:  Individuals that have family members and friends that live far away, can interact with each other on social media platforms. Social media also promotes users, being active outside instead of sitting on the computer for hours.

People should  avoid becoming addicted to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,Snapchat, Vine, and other social media platforms.

Social Media Is Changing Your Brain video explains how social media has influenced users emotions, decision making and logical thinking.


4 thoughts on “Can Social Media Control Life?

  1. Chess, first of all, I love your opening picture. I think it says a lot about how we all get caught up in social media. Secondly, I love the statistics you used when describing how we rely on social media. I think your use of statistics is very powerful in showing just how many people, Americans or worldwide, really do rely on social media to either make or ruin their day. I also love how you explain the relation between social media and drug and alcohol use. It is a very real concept and I am glad you touched on it. Great job!

  2. Chess – I really liked your blog entry a lot! I liked that you put all of your main points in a numbered list. It made it really easy to read and understand for a tricky topic to write about. I thought your incorporation of statistics and evidence in your main points was appropriate and useful. While you touched on the negative impacts of social media, you also did a great job of incorporating the positives as well. That made it seem like you, too, really buy into what you’re telling your audience. The media you included was also very powerful. I really liked the drug reference in your picture, relating social media like an addictive substance, because really that’s how it’s become. The video you included at the end was a great way to sum it all up. I think you did a great job overall!

  3. Chess

    I really enjoyed your post. I liked the way that you gave a list of the negative effects that social media can have and then listed how social media can be positive. It was nice to see both sides of the situation. The images you use are very compelling and do a good job of relating to your content. Your layout is appealing and makes your post easy to read. The video at the end was a nice touch and really added to the post. Great job!

  4. Chess

    Great job on your post! You made sure to hit all the readings and provide links through hyperlinks throughout. You also did a great job using a lot of statistics and percentages which is always eye catching for skimmers like mysellf. My favorite part of your post was that you also made sure to include the positives to social media rather than just overwhelming us with negative information and scary stats. I would like to see more media content just because I think the visuals always give every post something to look at to break up the reading but I still like your style! Good video!

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