Snap, Share, Send!

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Instant videos and pictures are the latest trends on social media. Your health organization can provide followers with information through videos and pictures on Snapchat.  Avoid being in the past posting, sharing and sending content on social media using old interfaces.

Let’s get started! 

The video Snapchat explains the process on how your health organization can create an account.


Benefits of Snapchat

Your health organization can provide helpful content to followers instantly. Old videos and pictures are shared, sent and posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms. Snapchat allows users to show what is taking place at the moment.

Below is a list of benefits for your Health Organization.

  1. Behind the scenes: Provide followers access to see active events, fundraisers, and dinners. The footage and pictures will encourage individuals to support your health organization campaign message.
  2.  Promote Interaction:  Ask followers to post and share videos or photos at events hosted by your health organization. This allows the opportunity to receive feedback from users. Also spend one day with questions and answers sending and sharing content with followers.
  3. Engagement:  Respond back to users that send snaps to your organization. Tell them how important it is to continue to support and spread information.
  4.  Storytelling: Snapchat has created a new feature that will allow your organization to share a narrative for 24 hours. Below is an example of the story cycle that can benefit your health organization.

Introducing Snapchat stories  video shows how this feature can have an influence on followers and assist health organizations with spreading information.


Why Snapchat? 

200 million people are actively using Snapchat monthly and the app is the fastest growing since 2014.

Read the following list provided by How college kids Use Snapchat to make the decision to transition social media strategies to focus on an additional social media platform.

  • 37% of college students use it to be creativity.
  • 27%  of college students use it to remain in contact with people.
  • 23% of college students believe it is easier than texting someone.
  • 73% of college students said they would view content posted by organizations
  • Over 70 % of college students use Snapchat at least once or multiply times during the day.

Active users on Snapchat are between the ages of 13-25 years of age. Individuals in that age range tends to spend hours on Snapchat and may spend more depending on content.

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2 thoughts on “Snap, Share, Send!

  1. Fantastic way to end this with giving a link directly to Snapchat. Also great use of hyperlinks and bullets to highlight the main percentages. I loved the videos you included as well. They showed great detail of each category. The benefits you included were great as well. The only thing that I think could change is the pictures being spaced all the way to the margins. Other than that awesome job! I really enjoyed reading your Snapchat blog! 🙂

  2. Love this blog! I love that you added the statistics I think Once reading this I was captivated by how helpful having a snapchat could be for an organization. For me I think this app is definitely one of my favorites and this blog really highlights the main points of what I like about it. Especially, for an organization letting people know what there doing instantly is a awesome factor. Along with fact that you can’t edit or change any of the pictures, and being able to broadcast exactly how their engaging in a community can really encourage people to support your organization. Nice job!

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