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Social media is the new drug on the market that influences the behavior of individuals.  Society often get opinions,thoughts, and acceptances  from content  posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram which results in negative outcomes for people viewing the material.

Your heath organization can benefit from knowing the 5 key principles that impact health.


Social media has created a new problem for users daily. People log on Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites multiple times throughout the day.

Medical News Today states that 40% of Facebook users log on more than once in one day.  People need to be aware of the time spent on social media because it may lead to additional problems. Living life online does not allow people the opportunity to fully enjoy each day.

Social Media Addiction Statistics

The infographic below shows the impact social media have on individuals that are not aware of their addiction.  This common problem is growing among children, young and older adults in society.


How Social Media Users Spend Their Time?

Below is a list of things people do while spending time on social media.

  1. 45% of people are eating when they are on social media.
  2. 55% of children check their social media accounts on phones.
  3. 31 % adolescences admit to checking social media while using the bathroom.
  4. 37% of students said social media content was more interesting than classroom lectures.
  5. 24% of adult check their social media at work.


Cure for Social Media Addiction

Here are some tips to help you or someone that may have an addiction to social media.

  •  Individuals should keep track of the time spent on social media platforms daily, to decrease the amount of time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and addition platforms.
  • Use your telephone to talk to friends and family members instead of sending messages through social media. Communication can be done with talking and shows better benefits than messaging.
  •  People should limit the amount of social media accounts they have. Cut memberships in half or have a limit of 2 platforms.
  • Spend more time interacting with family members and friends to enjoy moments and reduce the time spent on social media.
  • Be productive outside instead of looking down at your phone while walking.

The video created by Marc Maron shows an animated version of society today.


Cure Benefits

  • Individuals will be able to get more done throughout the day instead of spending more time on social media platforms.
  • Life is short and people must enjoy every moment each day brings. After social media addiction is over individuals can focus on family, friends and personal life.
  • People will know  the amount of likes, comments, and shares do not determine the quality of life someone has or subjected to have in life. Spending more time on your  life, is better than viewing content on social media.
  • Individuals will feel better and accomplished after reducing time on social media.

Take control of your life and enjoy it without social media.

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